Kakà to remain in AC Milan: back to the Beckhams in Italy

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Kaka fans

AC Milan keeps its star player Kakà and AC Milan fans continue their love-story with the Brasilian born player. After our post on the AC Milan-Manchester City talks of recent days, AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has revealed that the player will stay with Milan, saying that “For him, money isn’t everything”.

Kakà has thanked fans, saying that he is touched by their affection for him which he believes is stronger than often seen in the games of international football stars. Kakà says he chose with his heart, and his family in mind, with support from his wife as the open-faced star reveals his disappointment with rumours in the media of an argument with his father.

After all the speculations and big bucks on the table, it’s time for AC Milan to get back to business and play the rest of the season. And we’ll probably all go back to Italy’s favourite football topic right now: David Beckham and his wife, Victoria who’ve got the country all a-chatter. The Kakà storm in a tea cup is all quite boring in comparison to Beckham’s shopping sprees and Posh’s days out in Italy.

Source | La Gazzetta (the sign in the photo reads, “Silvio, don’t sell Kakà from me”)

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