Day trips from Milan: Sabbioneta, Italy's perfect town

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There are many options for a day trip from Milan, and today we take you to the town of Sabbioneta in the province of Mantua. Sabbioneta is considered to be an example of a kind of urban utopia, in a project that dates back to the 1500’s, although it is a town originally designed for defence purposes. It is one of Italy’s many UNESCO protected locations.

Sabbioneta is located between the two rivers of the Po and the Oglio, and has a long history in which it was even the capital of a small state. Although it’s a very small town, with only 4,000 inhabitants, many historic monuments can be found there, including the spectacular cinta muraria, or surrounding walls, the Palazzo Giardino (Garden Palace), and the Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace).

For more gallery pics of the town, have a look at the Sabbioneta photo gallery. In 1970 the town was a location for the Bernardo Bertolucci film “The Spider’s Stratagem”, taking on the imaginary name of “Tara”.

La strategia del Ragno

The tourist who likes his food just can’t miss Mantova’s pumpkin tortelli, washed down with a little Lambrusco, and finishing with the Torta sbrisolona, or almond crumble cake.

To reach Sabbioneta by car, take the A1 highway from Milan, exiting at Parma and then following the state highway for Mantua. Sabbioneta is located after Casalmaggiore.

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