Hiking in Italy: wooden bridge at Claviere for a little adrenalin

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If you’re hiking in Italy through the Italian Alps and want an adrenalin rush, look out for the “Tibetan” bridge at Claviere, between Sestriere and Bardonecchia. One of the highest wooden bridges in the world will certainly add a little zest to your day as you dangle 30 metres above the torrents below.

The bridge crosses the San Gervasio gorge and is 468 metres which is a long way to go if you’re afraid of heights. Compulsory equipment for the crossing includes climbing harness to attach yourself to the bridge and helmet. Advice is that at no point when you’re on the bridge should both snaplinks be unhooked.

Tickets to cross the bridge cost five euros for adults and two euros for children. Our advice: don’t look down! Or just watch the video.

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