Sexy Italian actresses: Edwige Fenech

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This is an interesting interview that manages, in its brevity, to traverse from America’s love affair with Italian cinema, to modern violence and big-company interests. While the director of Hostel: Part II speaks, Eli Roth, at his side sits Edwige Fenech, an actress famous for her roles in the 70’s in Italian erotic comedies.

Fenech’s success in the male public, who consider her a real sex icon, is due to her curvaceous figure and a provocative and seductive character, which directors generally like to show off. Appearing over the years on Italian television, Fenech moved in a producer role, working with Al Pacino on The Merchant of Venice.

In 2007 she returned to the screen on the request of Quentin Tarantino to fulfill a cameo role in Hostel: Part II. In the video below, director Eli Roth describes her as having a unique mix of seduction and irony that no other actress can manage to combine quite so well.

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