Recipes for Christmas in Italy: antipasto of pumpkin and ricotta fritters

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Looking for a nice recipe for an antipasto to your Christmas dinner? Try these fried pumpkin and ricotta treats as a good start to a Christmas party. Ingredients are: half a pumpkin, about 200 grams of ricotta cheese, one tablespoon of bread crumbs, an egg, some salt and pepper and a little flour on the side for dusting. Some olive oil is needed for the frying.

Prepare the pumpkin by chopping it and boiling it, and then either mash it or put it in a food processer. Add the egg, bread crumbs and the ricotta. Mix the ingredients together well and add a little flour to create small fritters by hand.

In a non-stick pan, add the olive oil, heat well and then fry the pumkin fritters for a couple of minutes on each side. Dry off some of the oil on kitchen paper, and add a little salt and pepper. Pumpkin is not considered traditional for Christmas in Italy, but if you’re having guests, this is a great starter to a meal. We’ll leave the wine choice to you.

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