Munk ft Asia Argento - Live Fast Die Old

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Asia Argento, daughter of the horror movie director Dario, has just released here in Italy a triple compilation featuring the music she loves to play the most as a DJ. In the video above you can see her in action in a project she realised in collaboration with other young artists.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview Asia gave on Libero website: The Munk, a German band, she says, has just released their latest work and as you know I am part of this new album. I wrote three songs for them and now you can see me in their video as well. Above all I’m so proud of the first single, because the lyrics are all mine and I think they have a rather strong, unusual flavour. Yes yes I sang it too! Another anti-pop work featuring the Antigram, you know, the French band, will soon be out; but I do not want to become a singer, they just asked me to work with them and I simply accepted. That’s all! By the way, I will soon record a few rock pieces, too, written by The Legendary Tigerman. A Portuguese one-man band I admire so much!

After all Asia Argento has always be an unpredictable actress ! On the set of the movie “Go Go Tales”, though it was not in the script, she passionately kissed a rottweiler on the mouth. A scene that caused quite a stir at the International Film Festival of Cannes! Another movie that scandalised the world was Boarding Gate directed by Olivier Assays and starring Michael Madsen. In it the actress masturbated herself. Afterwards Asia, rather candidly, admitted that she was not only playing a part ! She really did it! What’s wrong with it? I do it every day at home why shouldn’t I have done it there?

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