Elisabetta Canalis naked for PETA: the video

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Elisabetta Canalis could do Zoolander after seeing some of her facial expressions in this video in which the Italian showgirl strips for PETA animal rights association. Canalis' career hasn't exactly had the launch she might have been expecting after being tied up with America's most famous actor. Clooney's girlfriend had a role in the American TV series Leverage, and didn't get star reviews.

Canalis then returned to Italy for the most important Italian television event of the year - the Sanremo festival. Pitted against fellow showgirl Belen Rodriguez from Argentina, Canalis was criticised for her hopeless dancing and her attempt at an English interview with Robert de Niro.

So it seems that Elisabetta Canalis is back to stripping off for photo shoots and appears in this "I would rather go naked than wear fur" campaign, doing what she does best - just being plain sexy.

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