AC Milan coach parks illegally and Woody Allen says Carla Bruni is pregnant

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In news from Italy this week we get everything from the possibility of natural disasters to gossip over Italian football coaches and in the meantime you'd think Carla Bruni was Italy's first lady for all the attention she gets in the press here. See the news below:

AC Milan coach Allegri illegally parks in Milan

We've seen the kind of parking that is "acceptable" in Rome, and while Milan is a busy city too, generally the northerners are slightly more disciplined. In the photo above, though, we see AC Milan coach, Massimiliano Allegri parking in a no-parking zone near a pedestrian crossing, in the opposite direction to a one-way street. And nearly risking an accident as he pulls away in his Audi A1.

A Roman Holiday for earthquake scare

After news broke that Lazio and Rome was facing a possible earthquake, the city either went into fright or went into holiday mode. With people avoiding built-up areas (and therefore office blocks), when the earthquake never really happened, a figure of 20 percent absenteeism from work in Rome was recorded. Apparently excuses displayed in closed shop windows included the following: "closed for family reasons", "closed for wedding", and simply "reopening tomorrow".

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Is Carla Bruni pregnant?

Since Carla Bruni married Nicolas Sarkozy, French president, she has been suddenly re-adopted by Italy as a famous (and international) Italian celebrity. And sometimes of late you'd wonder if she wasn't the Italian first lady given the attention dedicated to her in the press. In any case, the news that Carla Bruni is pregnant is doing the rounds in Italy, too, with none other than Woody Allen himself dropping the bomb that she most probably is expecting a child.

We already reported on the fact that the Woody Allen and Carla Bruni film collaboration could be happening, and with Allen choosing Rome and Roberto Benigni for The Wrong Picture, it was a convenient location to be bringing on board the world's most famous first lady. No further gossip was provided here, though, and so we had to wait for Carla Bruni's absence from the Cannes Film Festival for Allen to dip into why she didn't turn up.

Bruni was a publicity draw card for the Midnight in Paris film but he reasons for not turning up were "personal and professional". It appears the French were disappointed at not getting a glimpse of the Bruni baby bump. Allen's statement on her absence was:

We will miss her but we're happy for her, because she's going through a formidable time and we love her.

Those words have been taking to mean that Carla Bruni is pregnant and Italy seems just as interested in the affair as France itself.

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