How to make home made Nutella

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NutellaWe return to the theme of the great Italian invention, Nutella. When I was a kid at school I used to buy the little packets at the canteen with the mini plastic spatchel which were sold for the pricely sum of one dollar and…Mmmmmm! The history of nutella is interesting, and later we included the bit about how much mice like Nutella, and today we look at the home made version.

Nutella is excellent in making desserts, particularly good on bread and is often present in many alternative recipes of first and second course dishes. One spoon is enough to tempt both adults and children. While the original Nutella is the best, many similar products are on the market, and if you want to try it at home, you can check out this home-made Nutella recipe.

Ingredients for about 250 grams include: 45 grams of toasted and peeled hazelnuts, 30 grams of cocoa (containing 20% of cocoa butter), 30 grams of white chocolate, 350 ml of full cream milk, 65 grams of sugar, and one gram of soya. See below for the recipe steps.

All you need is a blender and a pan to cook it in over the stove, with a glass jar to keep it in. Blend for a couple of minutes the hazelnuts together with a teaspoon of sugar and the soya. Keep blending until the nuts lose their oil. Add two teaspoons of sugar to the cocoa, and mix with 50ml of milk to create a dense cream. Add the cocoa cream to the nuts and obtain a smooth mixture, adding a final 50ml of milk. The rest of the milk is then heated together with the sugar and white chocolate until it melts completely. Add the cocoa cream, mixing on a low heat. Cook and and mix for about 40 minutes until it becomes a dense cream. Put it into the glass jar and close it only when it cools.

The taste is very close to the real Nutella and the only inconvenience is that it can only be conserved for a short period of time, not having preservatives - you’ll just have to eat it quickly! If you need some ideas as to more imaginative uses for your Nutella, the website is full of Nutella recipes.

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