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Christmas shopping in Rome: transport links

published by Alison

Christmas shopping in Rome

Christmas shopping in Rome will provide you with one of those opportunities to troop the streets of the city, really getting to know Rome’s shopping districts as you buy for Christmas. The problem is that shopping in a big city can be very tiring, especially if you want to look good while doing it. So in the interests of helping you out, here are some tips for shopping in Rome that will help you get around.

The high period of shopping goes from December 8 to 24 (until 9pm) and then for the after-Christmas sales from January 2 to 30, and the Rome city council is putting on extra transport links and shuttles. Three shopping buses will be available in Rome, for free, to get shoppers around the city. “Shopping 1″ takes in the historic city centre from the end of the line in the centre to Porta Pinciana. The “Shopping 2″ bus goes from Tor di Quinto to Largo Augusto Imperatore, and “Shopping 3″ takes in the via Pieve di Cadore to piazzale delle Canestre/piazzale Flaminio.

Extra buses and trains are planned for the other Rome transport routes and for the Termini and Giardinetti train stations. If you’re planning on driving in Rome for your shopping (which we would advise against), there are additional no entry and no parking zones in the city centre at peak times of the afternoon and evening, and on weekends, so you’d best check before you negotiate traffic only to find you can’t park anywhere.

There are some free parking deals to take advantage of at the Villa Borghese parking station and the Piazzale Partigiani parking station costs just one euro for three hours, with transport deals into the centre of town available. Additional pedestrian zones have been established so that you can enjoy your Christmas shopping while strolling the streets of Rome.

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Religious tourism in Rome: transport discounts with pilgrim card

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Bus a Roma

The Catholic Church is getting Rome organised with a new transport initiative for pilgrims. The Rome transport association, ATAC, together with Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, have agreed to create a Carta del Pellegrino, or Pilgrim’s Card, for the celebrations of the Paolino jubilee. The card creates one ticket for all ATAC transport and the “Roma Cristiana” Open Bus lines, which will be valid for one or three days.

This is only the first phase as it’s likely the program will also extend to other services including giuded tours, church visits and museums, including the local public transport system. The card will be available in both ATAC sales points and Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi points.

The news comes from and Roma Notizie. Go to the ATAC and Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi sites for more information.

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Roma Pass tourist card launched

published by Alison

This better-late-than-never news is great for anyone on their way to Rome this year. The Italian capital has finally followed suit from many European cities and has a tourism card that includes various discounts on public transport and entrance to tourist attractions around the city.

The card is called the Roma & PiĆ¹ Pass (Rome and More Pass) and allows free visits to two chosen museums in Rome or surrounds, and discounts on entrance to other attractions. It also comes with the Roma Pass Transport (bus and metro), a map and event and tourist service listings.

It costs 20 euro and is valid for three days which I think is quite good value and should make travelling around the city much easier.

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