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Italy celebrates Sergio Leone, the spaghetti western master

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Italy is about to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sergio Leone’s death. Renowned throughout the world for such unforgettable masterpieces as A Fistful Of Dollars, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly and Once Upon A Time In America), the Italian movie director was much loved by the public. In a recent interview, his widow who still lives in the old house they shared in the Eur district, recalled how once Sergio Leone, who was playing cards with Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson left the room because he was sure that someone was cheating! She also talked at length about their past together. She has very fond memories of their first trip together to Spain where Sergio Leone went to direct one of his first movies, Il Colosso di Rody and though back then they had almost no money their were very happy. He was a wonderful man full of irony and a tender father; it was so touching, said the old woman, to see our daughter play a small role in Once Upon a Time in America, while Francesca, our other daughter, designed the costumes for it. It was a magic moment. My husband would always say to me: Carla, you are my talisman against misfortune!

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